How to Tow Gear in a Safe and Secure Manner

Drivers pay a premium for good towing packages and they want to use the towing features without worry. Whether you are towing for recreation or work, you should adhere to these safety features while towing your load.

First, read the owners manual for your vehicle while staying within the weight recommendations. Your vehicle may require a special type of hitch in order to tow properly. Practice towing prior to driving on the roadway with your load. Ensure that your brake and turn lights sync with the trailer. Bring a jack that can accommodate your trailers weight. Check the trailer's tires for proper inflation for the towing weight. While driving, you will need to be extra cautious so not to make sharp turns or braking suddenly.

Please don't tow a load which exceeds the weight limit. Try not to make the load with a high center of gravity. Never go out without checking the tire bolts or tire pressure. Resist the urge to overload your trailer because this can create very unsafe road conditions. If you are uncertain about the proper towing guidelines, then come visit our car repair and maintenance destination in Chattanooga, TN.

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