What are Inlet Tanks?

As your engine cooling system goes about its business, it pumps large amounts of a fluid called coolant through the engine, a network of hoses, and the radiator itself. On this journey, the coolant requires places to pool before entering and leaving the radiator, and these spaces are called inlet and outlet tanks.

The job of the inlet tank is to receive hot coolant flowing inbound from the engine. The steaming fluid pours into the inlet tank, from which it flows through the radiator core itself. On the other end, the coolant pools in an outlet tank, where it builds pressure until it is ejected through an exit hose into the engine to begin the cycle again.

These tanks have important roles to play in the system and need to remain sealed and leak-free to do their jobs. Keeping them in proper condition is a simple matter of having your system checked out on a regular basis.

At Nissan of Chattanooga East, the members of our automotive cooling system department bring years of experience to the table. Stop by our location in the Chattanooga area today for a conversation with our experts.

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