The Safest Way to Remove and Replace a Flat Tire

Don't wait until you have a flat to try and figure it out, learn this guide today so you're prepared for trouble.
  • Always move the vehicle off the road and away from traffic, ride on the flat tire rim a few feet will not damage the wheel.
  • Use the tire iron to loosen the lugs, but only a turn or two tops.
  • Take the car jack and get the car high enough so the tire leaves the road surface.
  • Remove the lug nuts, remove the flat tire, place the spare tire on to the tire bolts and secure with the lug nuts.
  • Tighten the lug nuts only until the tire is secure and straight. Lower the vehicle down and then you can safely tighten all the nuts.
  • Place the flat tire, the jack, and the tools, in your trunk.
Come to Nissan of Chattanooga East when the tire is replaced so we can inspect the other tires and schedule tire rotation appointments.



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