Which Tires Will You Install on the Nissan 370Z?

As a sporty car, the 370Z is appropriately fitted with high-performance tires that have a racing heritage. Measuring 18 inches, the optional rear tires are part of Yokohoma's Advan Sport series. You can also install 19-inch rear tires with the Potenza S007 technology by Bridgestone. Additionally, this Nissan coupe could be equipped with 19-inch rear tires that come from Dunlop's SP Sport Maxx GT600 series. Nissan of Chattanooga East explains the benefits of all tire options that are available for the car's rear-wheel drive.

Clients should also customize the 370Z's other mechanical systems according to driving preferences. For example, the EXEDY clutch is highly recommended for drivers who want total control of the gearbox. This signature hardware is installed in a manual transmission system that creates six fixed gear speeds. The SynchroRev Match function optimizes the mechanics in the manual transmission. This advanced function facilitates downshifts in gear ratios for sporty handling.



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