Nissan Sentra Sedan: Combination of Efficiency and Power

The new Nissan Sentra is a four-door car with a compact body that's ideal for the urban streets. When you stop at Nissan of Chattanooga East for a test drive, you can try the NISMO, SR Turbo, SV and other models of this sporty sedan.

The entry-level powertrain in the Sentra produces up to 130 horsepower and just less than 130 pound-feet of torque. If you want a much more muscular unit under the hood, get the 1.6 L turbocharged engine that operates on the Direct Injection Gasoline mechanism. Boosted by a low-inertia turbocharger, this four-cylinder engine pumps out 188 horsepower. Regular unleaded gasoline is suitable for both engines in this compact sedan.

After undergoing extensive EPA tests, the new Sentra received a maximum fuel economy of 37 MPG on the highway. You should turn on the Eco Mode to cruise at the most efficient level in this redesigned Nissan model.



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