2020 Nissan Rogue

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many drivers use their vehicles, as well as how they care for their vehicles. Your Nissan continues to require regular maintenance throughout the pandemic. Still, you may not currently feel comfortable taking it to the service center as frequently as usual because of concerns for your well-being. How can you keep your Nissan well-maintained and dependable while also keeping yourself healthy?

Check Your Nissan's Oil

If you are like many other Nissan drivers, you may have relied on a lube shop for regular oil changes up until recently. Whether you are quarantined at home, or you are an essential work which relies on your Nissan now more than ever, staying away from public places like lube shops are in your best interest. You can take advantage of lube service alternatives. For example, you could start changing your Nissan's oil at home. Through the internet, you can educate yourself about the steps required for a do-it-yourself project. Otherwise, you can turn to a lube center that allows drivers to stay inside the cabin while the car's oil is changed.

Look Under the Hood

If you have little or no reliable knowledge about auto care and maintenance, looking for developing issues under the hood may seem pointless. In reality, however, most drivers can quickly spot problems that require attention before a complete breakdown occurs regardless of their background. For example, you can see that the battery's nodes are increasingly corroded or that a hose is cracked through a quick visual observation. These and other issues are easy to spot and may be addressed at home in many cases without the need for extensive automotive knowledge. By taking this step, you may keep your Nissan out of a repair shop for preventable issues.

Take Your Nissan Out on the Road

Some drivers who relied on their Nissan almost daily for transportation to and from work may now be cooped up at home. Whether you are under a stay-at-home order or you are remaining at home for other reasons at this time, your Nissan still needs to be driven periodically to keep it running well. If you hop behind the wheel once a week for a short drive, you can reduce stress and damage to various components that may be linked to idleness.

As always, our Nissan team is available to serve you. If you have any questions or needs related to your Nissan today, contact our team for assistance.