The Nissan Rogue Sport is a stylish yet rugged compact SUV that has become very popular with drivers of all ages. While some like the great fuel economy, others are impressed by the fuel economy, and others still love the way it drives and the many options it offers. Our team at Nissan of Chattanooga East would love to show you the many accessories that you can have with the Nissan Rogue Sport.

When it comes to sports accessories, the Nissan Rogue Sport really has you covered from the carpeted floor mats and aluminum alloy wheels to the chrome license plates. Other popular accessories include wheel locks with coded wheel sockets, gloss black rear glass finisher, door edge protectors and travel clean-up kit. Why not consider coming to test drive the Nissan Rogue Sport. What better way to check out not just the Rogues Sport's accessories but everything else it has to offer!


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