Lifetime Limited Non-Factory Warranty, Good at Nissan of Chattanooga

Nissan of Chattanooga is offering its customers a Lifetime Warranty on eligible vehicles. These include all new untitled vehicles, 0-5,000 miles; New or Leased. The Lifetime Warranty includes all the same coverage from the Powertrain Warranty, plus its own additional features added on (listed below). Any additional coverage listed on the Lifetime Warranty Certificate is granted to qualifying vehicle buyers. The Lifetime Warranty is valid as long as you own the vehicle - No limit on time or miles. Ineligible vehicles include commercial, emergency, and fleet vehicles.

Powertrain Coverage
  • Engine block, cylinder heads, and all internally lubricated parts including:
    Water pump and pulley; harmonic balancer; Intake and exhaust manifolds; thermostat and housing; fuel pump; valve, timing and side covers; flywheel and ring gear; seals and gaskets; oil pump; oil pan; turbocharger housing and all internal parts; engine mounts; engine control computer.    

  • Transmission, Transaxle, Transfer Case and all internally lubricated parts including:
    Torque converter; Transmission/transaxle clutch, drums, pistons and steel plates; speedometer gears; pressure regulator valve and switches; transmission mounts; solenoids; bell housing; seals and gaskets.

  • Drive Axle (includes both 4-Wheel and All Wheel Drive):
    Differential/axle housing(s) and all internally lubricated parts including: prop shafts; u-joints; center support bearings; CV joints; front wheel drive axles/half shafts and wheel bearings; seals and gaskets.  

Additional Features
  • $100 Deductible per each repair visit

  • Fluids Coverage

  • Covers both parts and labor, available in U.S and Canada

  • Original owner only/ Non-transferable

Customer's Responsibilities
  • Have their vehicles serviced as recommended in the Manufacturer's Owner's Manual at the prescribed mileage intervals

  • Keep copies of all Repair Orders for all maintenance services performed

  • Ensure that both the Oil and Temperature Warning Lights are fully operational

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