Active Trade Appraisals


Nissan of Chattanooga East takes the hard work out of selling your car, whether you’re trading it in for a new one or are just selling your current vehicle. We use a collection of online tools to help us evaluate your car when we perform our Active Trade Appraisal. We’ll work with you to inspect the vehicle and review all details that affect its value. We’ll then quote you a price that accurately reflects what your vehicle is worth. Naturally, you’re not obligated to buy from us when you sell us your vehicle.


Inspection: We question you about your vehicle, since you know it best. We’ll walk around the car with you and check for any blemishes that affect its trade-in value.

Pricing: We next use Sonic’s advanced technology to calculate your vehicle’s worth as compared to the many similar vehicles in your area. This active evaluation and review of recent local sales ensures an appraisal that accurately represents market value.

Decision: You then decide whether you want to sell your vehicle to us. Remember that the price we offer doesn’t obligate you to purchase a vehicle from us – you can simply accept our check. On the other hand, if you want to trade up to a new vehicle, we’ll be delighted to help you identify the perfect Nissan model for your needs.

So why wait? If you’re contemplating selling or trading in your old car, stop into Nissan of Chattanooga East for a Sonic Active Trade Appraisal. You’ll always receive friendly customer service and fair dealing when you visit us, so come in today.


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